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  •  It’s time to move out! I am excited for you! Living in a dorm the past two years, I know exactly what the average college student needs to bring along with them to college. It is way too easy to bring too much with you (I did it my first year) At the moment, I… [Continue Reading]

    Moving into the dorm like a pro! (Packing List)
  • Hey there! If you’re a college student, this one’s for you! I have lived in the dorms for two years now. Your room can be clean one day, and 24 hours later look like a tornado hit it. After living in two scenarios (room with roommate and shower in room, and rooming alone with communal… [Continue Reading]

    Dorm Organization Hacks
  • Probably the MOST important component of organization is to plan! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “fail to plan = plan to fail”. However, creating To-Do Lists can be intimidating. Once you write out every single thing you have to do, it can seem overwhelming. So much to do…so little time. Which is why I… [Continue Reading]

    Let’s Talk To-Do Lists!